Mara Textiles stands for communication, reliability and dedication.

Our customers speak for us:

"Mara Textiles produces very complicated models for us with intricate prints, appliqués, studs and embroidery and complex styles in small quantities. We enjoy working with Ms. Carvalho with her friendly and pleasant manner, and can only recommend Mara Textiles."

Sabine Hain, technician, Toni Dress Damenmoden GmbH

"The working relationship with Carla and the Mara team is great fun, because you feel 100% in good hands in all situations. New developments and requests are processed at the speed of light, and the team is always on hand with a solution if problems arise. I look forward to working on further projects with Mara Textiles in the future."

Claudia Hirsch, Design, Fashion Pool GmbH, Toni Sailer Sports

"We are glad to have built up such a competent, pleasant working relationship with the team at Mara Textiles. The prices are very reasonable and the required quantities feasible for us. The quality meets our high standards, and we have had absolutely no complaints from our customers."

Isabell Neukam, Purchase Manager, Textiles, Frankonia Handels GmbH & Co KG

"Portugal relaxes me. I have associated top product quality, reliability and swiftness with this country for years. What’s the use of having a great idea if you lack the professional who can execute and oversee it locally? I’ve known the Mara team for many years. 100 % trust and a partner who represents and understands my interests – that’s relaxing! Mara executes designs for both the mainstream and premium segments to a high standard. I have gained ample experience of this over the past 10 years with the companies in which I worked as a purchaser (Camera, Gin Tonic, s.Oliver) – and have been able to increase my positive impressions of Mara with my own company, “iHeart”, since 2008. It was clear at once to whom we would entrust our project and our finances. We are relaxed and have time to take care of the important things – designing a strong collection – Mara sees to the rest!"

Alexandra Loesch, Managing Director, Loesch & Chrystall GmbH, iheart

"After a long-standing collaboration with Mara, we can wholeheartedly recommend the company on the grounds of its:

  • great service
  • innovative, regular research
  • punctual, excellent deliveries
  • extremely dedicated, reliable agency manager"

Sybille Waelde, Design, Gin Tonic Special Mode GmbH, Gin Tonic Men

"Collaboration is at the top of the list! Swift responses, fashion and punctual delivery are a matter of course. Mara makes the impossible possible!"

Carina Trautvetter & Konstantin Gert, Import Department, Toni Dress Damenmoden GmbH

"Mara is a very reliable and cooperative company, always up-to-date… They continually ply their customers with new ideas and innovations… There have been no hitches in our working relationship, as Mara Textiles always puts our requirements into practice in line with our original ideas… The company completes all the pre-production stages, from prototypes to duplications, extremely promptly… Timeliness is the be all and end all at Mara… And of course the same applies to the production processes too… We are very happy to have found such a great partner to produce our T-shirts! Thanks, CARLA!!!"

Sandra Strauss, Product Manager Knitwear / Jersey Woman & Isabel Meyer, Design Knitwear / Jersey Woman, Miltenberger Otto Aulbach GmbH, Daniel Hechter